2020 My “Pricked” Year

My great 2020 learnings can be summarized with one word: pricked. Along the way I did take some pictures, keep some friends, and shook loose some mental cobwebs that were hindering my  personal growth. On the professional front, I’ll share three “pinpricks” from this wild year below. In January  and February I kicked off a…


This  was not my originally intended blog post for this week, but it has to be written. Black Panther. Black Panther, the movie depicting the Marvel comic of the same name, marks a cultural shift regarding the consumption of “blackness” and representations of being “Black in a Museum.” We are familiar with “Black in the…

Black Stor[ies]

February, when Blackness is more commodified and capitalized on than any other time of year.

2017 Women of Excellence

Meet Janeen Bryant… An Educator. A Facilitator. . Welcome to the Women of Excellence in Education Series. With her own unique style, each of the 12 women offer a special type of teaching, facilitation, and coaching approach to her participants. Be inspired by their passion for empowering thousands of people. Connect with their stories and…

Seeking Community

How can a place be known as both outspoken and reserved? How can one city be known for both great schools and terrible? The only clear agreement was that the city was racist and segregated. 100%.