Diversity and Equity: Keep it Complicated

I urged the group to keep our work complicated and unfinished not as a challenge to our systems of order and file, but as an affirmation of a new cultural paradigm. A paradigm rooted in complexity, valuing difference, and celebrating our connection and committment to face difficult issues.

Organizational Baby Steps

Since of the launch of Facilitate Movement, I have  tools to measure my effectiveness, but there is one sure indicator of success.

Let Me Try!

“Let me try!” These three words are always music to my ears. As a former kindergarten teacher and museum educator, these three words mark the lesson transition from modeling to independent practice. These words demonstrate confidence and connection. “Let me try,” means I am learning, participating, and owning my experience.  I love the light that emits…

Calling all MASS Action Heroes

MASS Action 2017 Minneapolis, MN “Tolerance is for cowards. Being tolerant requires nothing from you but to be quiet and to not make waves.”  Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T Many of the individuals and corporations that fund our institutions agree – we must all be brave, speak up and work together to make real change….