9+1 Reasons to Attend #AAM2017

I am excited to announce that I will be in St. Louis for the 2017 annual conference for American Alliance of Museums.  AAM is sharing 9 important reasons to attend.

And I am adding one more:  More Questions than Answers.

pexels-photo-92028 Questions

This is the first year I have seen the conference position itself at the learning edge of museum practice.  I am sure it is uncomfortable to create more spaces for exploration than answers, and I applaud the effort.

So, while I am impressed by the whirlwind of activities planned for May 7 to May 10, the space for questions urged me to apply for the role of Social Media Journalist for the conference.  In 2017, if you see me with a phone or tablet at the ready, I am telling the world to add their questions to #AAM2017.

Joined by more than 10 colleagues from across the country we will be documenting panelspexels-photo-247780, people, and process from our own perspective. I will be sharing to this site, on my twitter handle @1facilitateher and via facebook. I am excited to hear from you and share the hard questions.

I can’t dismiss the impressive slate of speakers, including Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). I am looking forward to reconnecting with peers from NextGen (2010), Empathetic Museums (ongoing), Museums and Race (2016), MASS Action (2016), and all my previous consulting experience.

So if you are planning to attend, let’s connect. You are also now personally invited to the session I will be moderating Wednesday morning, Race and Experience: An Intersectional Dialogue.

Here’s to the questions and the space to seek new ways of responding!









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