Organizational Baby Steps

Since of the launch of Facilitate Movement, I have  tools to measure my effectiveness, but there is one sure indicator of success.

Social Action Spring

Social Action Calendar This year has already been jam-packed with planning, learning, and training for action.  I am excited to share some updates with you as we enter the month of May. Keep reading for a brief recap of the year-to- date and exciting ways you can get involved in social change.Recent Events: (I am…

2017 Year in Review

What a difference a year makes… I was more than a little reluctant for 2017 to end. This past year marked some serious milestones in both personal and professional development and I am supremely grateful.  I considered an A to Z review of the year, but instead, I am going to note the “sparks” of this…

Women’s Forum: Reflections on Strategy

Take advantage of this moment to reflect on how women have shaped and sustained museums across the country through cutting edge programming, interpretation, curation, exhibit design, development- yet are often not the face of the institution or board leadership.

The Myth of Inclusion

What we haven’t realized as a country is that history is. We can encounter it without fear or shame if we understand that everyone is already included.