Social Action Spring

Social Action Calendar

This year has already been jam-packed with planning, learning, and training for action.  I am excited to share some updates with you as we enter the month of May. Keep reading for a brief recap of the year-to- date and exciting ways you can get involved in social change.Recent Events: (I am giving you a glimpse into the  calendar for 2018 which has been good fun and hard work!)

February 2018

R.I.S.E. for Ranson: Raiders in Support of Equity

“We Are Transformational” session organizing Parents, Teachers, Students and Community members as they seek to build collective power. Our students are on the precipice of experience major changes in their school, let’s work together to ensure equity in policy and practice. #ThisisRISE

March 2018

Empathetic Museum   Delaware Art Museum -Wilmington Delaware

“Building Empathy with Docent Community” was our second workshop experience designed to not only build awareness for internal transformation, but to start building compentence for  docents in EVERY exchange with guests and visitors.

April 2018

International Girl Adventure in Cairo (Look for Blog Re-cap soon) Cairo, Egypt20180403_145325.jpg

Traveling with a lens towards cultural exploration can always teach us something! We were able to travel Cairo, Giza, and pictured here in the Mit Rahina Museum. While we hope to return  soon, our time in  Cairo made me aware of biases that carried with me. Always learning, reflecting, and growing- look for a 

blog  soon regarding that experience.

April 17 


African-American Heritage Commission Strategic Visioning with National Museum of African American History and Culture was a blast! Our team of  close to 40 staff, students, commissioners, historians, educators, and artisans engaged in deep experiential learning together in D.C.  


April 25th

On the Table Re-Launch for October 24, 2018 Charlotte NC

I am excited to act as project consultant for the second year for On the Table CLT! Join our learning sessions for collaborative design of the next On The Table CLT for 2018. The big day is October 24th, but we need your input to make this project sing for Charlotte. 


April 29th

“Moving Towards Action” Charlotte, NC

“Are we ready to move from talk to walk, from self-examination to engagement? Many
of you, in so many words, have said so. The question is: what can a group committed to
the fight against racism and racial injustice realistically do—and how do we do it?” Ron Knape, April 2018

The group explored how individuals understand their personal agency, examined their ability to harness collective will, and created their own action plan moving several congregations towards equity.

May 2018

AAM 2018 will be hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, known ancestral home to many tribal communities. My time will start with honoring the place we gather for a grounded experience in a beautiful land.  Placemaking and place marking are such important parts of our human connection to each other and the land. If you plan to be in Arizona for the conference I hope that we can connect! Check out the sessions below:20180501_121249.jpg

Museums and Race Transformation Lounge Monday to Wednesday

Expo Booth 1704

Are Museums the Rightful Home for Confederate Monuments? *Click to read related blog at Center for the Future of Museums

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 : 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM Location: 129 AB

Museums and Race Report Card: Looking Back to Move Forward;

Wednesday May 9 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM Location: 129 AB

May 21

NYCMER Columbia Teacher’s College, New York

Museums and Race Report Card: Collaborative Report Card

Participants from institutions across NYC will join us in reciprocal engagement building a real-time reflection of the state of Museums and Race.


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