Spring 2019 Calendar Connections

Check out the Facilitate Movement Spring 2019 calendar updates and links for more information related to how you can get involved.

2018- Year of the Flinch

“The flinch phrase and the nudge to be brave in the face of perceived danger really stuck with me as a way to approach my work and at times, how to approach life.”

Fall 2018: Dimensions of Diversity

Diversity is variety. We encounter each other through the lens of our diverse experiences as we move through the world. This fall, Facilitate Movement will be be exploring diversity from many perspectives including race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, (dis)ability, class, and education. Get ready to explore the intersection of these elements of diversity and…

Black Stor[ies]

February, when Blackness is more commodified and capitalized on than any other time of year.

Let Me Try!

“Let me try!” These three words are always music to my ears. As a former kindergarten teacher and museum educator, these three words mark the lesson transition from modeling to independent practice. These words demonstrate confidence and connection. “Let me try,” means I am learning, participating, and owning my experience.  I love the light that emits…