2018- Year of the Flinch

“The flinch phrase and the nudge to be brave in the face of perceived danger really stuck with me as a way to approach my work and at times, how to approach life.”

Little r, Big Racist

You will notice that this persists in our workplaces, schools, churches, and public  discourse.  But you don’t have to wait to counter these racist narratives. You can start with a very simple action.

Social Action Spring

Social Action Calendar This year has already been jam-packed with planning, learning, and training for action.  I am excited to share some updates with you as we enter the month of May. Keep reading for a brief recap of the year-to- date and exciting ways you can get involved in social change.Recent Events: (I am…

A is for Activist

Don’t get excited, I am still not going for the full alphabet in review, but this blog post has been rattling around in my head for too long and it needs a home. A few years ago I was asked to speak on a panel of “distinguished” women. I was pleased to be invited as…

Women’s Forum: Reflections on Strategy

Take advantage of this moment to reflect on how women have shaped and sustained museums across the country through cutting edge programming, interpretation, curation, exhibit design, development- yet are often not the face of the institution or board leadership.