Momentum Needs You.

It’s the end of October, y’all! I say that with all the gratitude and love I can muster after a whirlwind of fall events and programs. I have travelled coast to coast programming and planning for social impact with museums, conferences, schools, nonprofits, and  individuals who are absolutely committed to manifesting change in their communities…

Fall 2018: Dimensions of Diversity

Diversity is variety. We encounter each other through the lens of our diverse experiences as we move through the world. This fall, Facilitate Movement will be be exploring diversity from many perspectives including race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, (dis)ability, class, and education. Get ready to explore the intersection of these elements of diversity and…

Organizational Baby Steps

Since of the launch of Facilitate Movement, I have  tools to measure my effectiveness, but there is one sure indicator of success.

Little r, Big Racist

You will notice that this persists in our workplaces, schools, churches, and public  discourse.  But you don’t have to wait to counter these racist narratives. You can start with a very simple action.