This  was not my originally intended blog post for this week, but it has to be written. Black Panther. Black Panther, the movie depicting the Marvel comic of the same name, marks a cultural shift regarding the consumption of “blackness” and representations of being “Black in a Museum.” We are familiar with “Black in the…

Black Stor[ies]

February, when Blackness is more commodified and capitalized on than any other time of year.

Let Me Try!

“Let me try!” These three words are always music to my ears. As a former kindergarten teacher and museum educator, these three words mark the lesson transition from modeling to independent practice. These words demonstrate confidence and connection. “Let me try,” means I am learning, participating, and owning my experience.  I love the light that emits…

A is for Activist

Don’t get excited, I am still not going for the full alphabet in review, but this blog post has been rattling around in my head for too long and it needs a home. A few years ago I was asked to speak on a panel of “distinguished” women. I was pleased to be invited as…

2017 Year in Review

What a difference a year makes… I was more than a little reluctant for 2017 to end. This past year marked some serious milestones in both personal and professional development and I am supremely grateful.  I considered an A to Z review of the year, but instead, I am going to note the “sparks” of this…

Calling all MASS Action Heroes

MASS Action 2017 Minneapolis, MN “Tolerance is for cowards. Being tolerant requires nothing from you but to be quiet and to not make waves.”  Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T Many of the individuals and corporations that fund our institutions agree – we must all be brave, speak up and work together to make real change….

Women’s Forum: Reflections on Strategy

Take advantage of this moment to reflect on how women have shaped and sustained museums across the country through cutting edge programming, interpretation, curation, exhibit design, development- yet are often not the face of the institution or board leadership.

2017 Women of Excellence

Meet Janeen Bryant… An Educator. A Facilitator. . Welcome to the Women of Excellence in Education Series. With her own unique style, each of the 12 women offer a special type of teaching, facilitation, and coaching approach to her participants. Be inspired by their passion for empowering thousands of people. Connect with their stories and…

The Myth of Inclusion

What we haven’t realized as a country is that history is. We can encounter it without fear or shame if we understand that everyone is already included.